Refund Policy

Fees are non-refundable.


In enrolling with MTA (Markham Tennis Academy) and playing tennis or participating in tennis programs, lessons, events and summer camps, the participant understands that he/she is attending Markham Tennis Academy’s programs and using our facilities or the facilities of clubs, organizations and businesses that are affiliated with Markham Tennis Academy at his/her own risk. Markham Tennis Academy and its directors, employees, tennis professionals contracted agents and/or it’s affiliated clubs, organizations and businesses shall not be liable for any damage whatsoever arising from any personal injury or property loss sustained by participant with his/her family in any Markham Tennis Academy’s programs or on Markham Tennis Academy’s or any of its affiliatedaffiliated clubs’, organizations’ and business’ premises.

Participants and parents assume full responsibility for all injuries and damages which occur in or about Markham Tennis Academy’s and its affiliated clubs’, organizations’ and business’ premises. He/She does hereby fully and forever release, discharge and hold harmless Markham Tennis Academy, its directors, employees, tennis professionals and contracted agents as well as affiliated clubs, organizations and businesses from any and all claims, demands, damages or rights of action, present or future resulting from any person’s participation in any programs or use of the facility.

In addition, he/she agrees to follow the rules of conduct and play set by Markham Tennis Academy. Failure to do so may result in suspension from participation.

I do hereby authorize Markham Tennis Academy, to utilize any and all photographs, pictures, videos or other likeness of me and/or my family, as they deem appropriate in its promotional materials.

I also agree that my email address will be used to receive information about Markham Tennis Academy’s programs, events and any other related information.